Vegan Mac n Peas

Another delicious and vegan child-approved recipe from Cait Mizzi! This one will quickly become a favourite in your home, whether you have children or not. So cheesy, comforting, and satisfying that it’s hard to believe this take on classic mac ‘n’ cheese is free of dairy, soy and gluten!

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Is it Time for a Belated Spring Cleaning of Your Priorities?

Although summer is just around the corner, it isn’t too late to do a spring cleaning of your priorities. In a world where (free) time, resources and energy are finite commodities, learning the skill of prioritizing is essential. Getting a handle on what matters will decrease your stress levels, maximize your productivity and ensure nothing important slips between the cracks.

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Healing Interference: Interferon

Undergoing conventional treatment felt like running a triathlon. Instead of swim, bike and run, I was subjected to cut, burn and poison. As soon as I recovered from one treatment my body had to endure the next horrible phase. Slowly but surely I became worn out physically as well as mentally.

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