Supporting One Another Through the Seasons of Life

It hurts to know how much my cancer affects my family. I would do anything to shelter them from it but the truth is, I can’t. Lynne has been the captain of my support team and has gone great lengths to keep our family strong. She has sacrificed a lot and I will forever be grateful. Despite all that we are going through she continues to be there for others going through similar situations. She has a gift and I am fortunate to have her with me along this journey. This is her latest post;

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We’re Allowed to Cry Too

The intent of the Ten Percent blog is to share my cancer journey with others in the hopes that it will bring connection, inspiration and ultimately hope. In the past five years I have found it difficult to find men who openly share their experience and who can be truthful about how they are feeling. Most cancer support groups are full of women and very few men. I am not surprised by this. It is not in our nature as males to show vulnerability. As boys we are raised to hide our emotions and to suck up any feelings that might be perceived as feminine. Well I’m here to say that I will expose myself and share anything that I feel is important for others to read. I am done with bottling up my emotions and hoping that they will resolve themselves. Blogging has become therapeutic for me and my hope is that these stories will be therapeutic for others who are also out there struggling.

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Stella’s Bus, My Roller Coaster

I wish I could say that I was prepared for what I just experienced but the simple truth is, I was not. My plan was to wake up with Stella and make her favourite breakfast of French toast. I would then build up the excitement for her first day of school followed by a walk to the bus as a family. I felt anxious but also excited for Stella to start this next chapter of her life. I wanted to be present and join her in this moment of fear and excitement. We would all share it together and send her off on her way.

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