Grief is Itself a Medicine

It is times like these where I ponder the meaning of life. This is a very broad concept and one that we may never have answers to. Yesterday, I received the news that my grandfather passed away. His liver has been failing for several months and we knew it was coming. I thought I was prepared and ready to handle the news of his death. However, when it became a reality a wave of emotions hit me that I never saw coming.

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Welcome Back Medical World

Anyone who has been through a cancer journey can attest to the fact that waiting for scan results is agonizing. Maybe some people are better than others calming their minds and dealing with this time with poise and confidence. Well, I’m sort of in between those states of being. I would be lying to say that I’m not anxious or fearful of what I will hear today. However, I am feeling calmer than I have in the past. This is progress. You think by now I would be use to this but there’s no way I could ever get use to waiting on scan results.

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