Here We Go Again

In three hours from now I will be sitting in a small room with no windows drinking a disgusting contrast dye. I will sit across from people who will give me awkward stares and make small chat about the weather. None of us will want to talk about why we are there. Some there for minor issues like broken bones or ACL strains but the rest of us are there for something very different. We will be sitting together with our anxiety and fears of what the results will show. Some will be sitting there with no hair hooked up to several intravenous bags and fifty pounds lighter than they were three months ago. Some of us will get to go home after; others will be wheeled back up to their hospital rooms. Some will have family with them and others will be alone.

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My Cancer Journey Might Have Ended Short

Every time I look at that picture of Lynne I think to myself, how did I ever score such a hot woman?? I’m sure you are all thinking the same thing!! Well whatever I did to win her over I’m extremely grateful that she came into my life.

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Papa has Cancer

I neglected to tell my mom that I had melanoma for a short period of time. Not to hide it from her, but to shelter her from all of the worry that accompanies the diagnostic phase of cancer. Eventually I told her when I had most of the facts. The one fact I didn’t have was that it had spread. I remember telling her that it was early stage and I would be ok. Nothing to worry about, just a scare. Boy was I wrong!

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