We Rise by Lifting Others

When I began this blog it was with the intent of sharing my own story but it was also important to me to share the stories of others who walk this cancer journey alongside me. I am one of thousands if not millions fighting each day. My dream was to create a 360 degree view of cancer and have not just cancer patients contribute but also their families, friends and anyone else who felt the need to share their experience. I envisioned a place where we could connect and feel supported by one another. Having a community to lift you up when times are tough is very important. Cancer can feel lonely but I have learned that I am not the only one experiencing these emotions and I am by no means alone. My goal is to share some of the good fortune I have been given and for whatever reason I feel strongly attached to Will and Suzanna’s story.

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Cancer is F’n Expensive

Who knew that cancer could cost so much? Do you have a bank account specifically designed to get you through a cancer diagnosis? I certainly didn’t. I had minimal savings and was living like a typical thirty year old. We were buying a crib, stroller and deciding on whether or not we would use cloth or disposable diapers. I wasn’t trying to figure out how I would afford $350 biweekly hyperthermia treatments or how I would manage the cost of supplements and organic food. I just wanted to be a dad and move forward in my career. I wanted to travel and give my kids all that they desired. Isn’t that how most thirty year olds live?

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