We are the Newmans.  This is our Ten Percent Story.

Mark, Lynne, and our girls, Stella, 4, and Gwen, 2.  That’s us.   A family on an unexpected journey in a direction completely sideways from where we were when we first committed to each other in 2007.   We sometimes feel we’re walking blindly and aimlessly, but with arms tightly linked through the hard times, we arrive, a little stronger, wiser and even a little braver, at our next step towards healing.  You see, over the past five years, we’ve faced infertility, family tragedies, and as of 2009, our biggest challenge yet:

Mark’s cancer.  

It has uprooted our lives and forced us to take on a renewed perspective on what truly matters.  Cancer was the metaphorical fork in the road that lead us to take responsibility for our own lives and redefine how we show up each day.

Today and always, we are a family who believes in the power of natural health and healing, meaningful work and the power of community.  We have a zest for travel and have goals of exposing our children to experiences that we were not offered growing up.

Why are we sharing the Ten Percent Life?

We have chosen to expose ourselves and to share this journey in the hopes that it will inspire others to make changes, whether large or small, that in turn will make huge impacts on their health, happiness and freedom.  Inspiring others to really rediscover life and what is meaningful to them is what motivates us to share our story of challenge and growth.  Our journey has become a community’s journey so in turn there will be others who will collaborate and tell their stories of how they are striving to live this ‘ten per cent life’.

Why we are giving back?

Throughout our healing journey, we have been given a tremendous amount of support from friends, family, and even strangers.  This has helped alleviate so much of the burden that cancer has delivered.  From emotional to financial support, our community of friends and family have risen up and made it their personal challenge to ensure we have minimal disruptions while we are in the thick of it.  There is a great deal of energy when communities band together.

We want to keep this energy flowing.  

We will pay it forward by donating 10% of all sales to the Ten Percent Promise who’s mission is to alleviate the tremendous stress placed upon the shoulders of families living with cancer.


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