But I’m the One with Cancer

How many times have you thought about a cancer patient and your heart bled for them? How many times have you donated to a cancer charity or to a cancer patient directly through crowd funding? Let’s look at this from a different angle; how many times have you thought about a cancer caregiver and considered making life easier for them?

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I Never Thought I Would Still be Here

I had a conversation with my mom a few weeks ago that really made me reflect on where I am at on this journey of mine. We were discussing how long I have been dealing with cancer and how it has become part of my daily life. I’m not saying that cancer defines me but I have shared five years of my life with it. It’s just part of who I am now and something that I will continue to deal with for a while.

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5 Stress-Busters that Actually Work

The only thing more frustrating than the sensation of stress is not having the tools to manage it. Try one of these five stress-busters the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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