The Ten Percent Promise is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone facing a cancer diagnosis deserves hope.  We have learned it is hope that heals, and support is often needed to reignite such vital motivation.

A cancer diagnosis creates a level of stress that is unexplainable.  Normal daily tasks become difficult and are clouded with stress and anxiety.  They can crumble a family and rob them of their ability to live in the moment.

The Ten Percent Promise is the heart and soul of Ten Percent.  We are committed to giving back what so many others have given us – support, in every sense of the word.  Ten percent of our sales will provide all forms of support that can alleviate the debilitating stress in the lives of those who need it most.  From simple acts of kindness to meal delivery, home cleaning, travel assistance, and of course, help with the cost of treatments.

Donating to support research for a cure is needed but many patients need help now that will allow them to keep one foot in front of the other.  There are things that we need right now that will make a huge difference in our journey.  This is what Ten Percent Promise strives to provide.


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