Today is Launch Day!

Today is a HUGE day for us.  It is the day we launch our apparel!  It’s actually difficult to believe that we are finally here and are putting this exciting project out into the world.  It’s also a little nerve racking to be honest!  We have thought about this day for so long and it’s now here.  Let’s do this!

First off, I want to thank all of you for supporting us over the past few years.  It’s been a shit storm to say the least but we have come a long way as a family.  Six years ago I thought I would be lucky to have two years left.  And here I am today with a tumour that is now responding to treatment and is smaller than it was three months ago.  I am a very fortunate man but without all of you I wouldn’t have made it this far.  For that I say thank you.

Today I reflect on where the Ten Percent idea came from.  To be honest it was an impulse.  Something that came from a deeper place, a place that I never knew existed.  If you would have told me six years ago that I would be blogging my personal story and sharing my emotions and vulnerability, I would have laughed at you.  I had a difficult enough time writing privately in a journal.  But I soon realized that my journey included sharing this time in my life with others.  I still have no idea what the impact will be, but so far I can say that I have connected with others living similar stories and some who relate in totally different ways.  I am strengthened by these connections.  It fuels me to continue moving forward.  It demonstrated to me that there is something valuable in this journey no matter where it ends.

The original intent of Ten Percent was to raise money for my costly treatments and to offset the financial burden that my family was experiencing due to my illness and other personal circumstances.  No matter how difficult times became, people continuously stood up to confront the challenge with us.  I was always able to afford whatever I needed to tackle my health challenge.  There were several times that I figured we would go into financial ruin to afford what I required, but that has never happened.  Friends, family and complete strangers were always there to go to bat for us.  It brings tears to my eyes just writing this.

We got to a point where we wanted to do something to provide for ourselves.  It was great having the support but there was an impulse inside of us that urged us to put something of value out into the world.  Our hope is to offer something in return for the generosity that was being provided.  We have been sharing our story for quite some time now and we are now happy to be offering a product that will hopefully help us to spread our message and to help others.

So now it is our turn to give back.  It is time to keep this energy flowing.  We have a deep desire to help others who are struggling with this very devastating disease.  Not just patients but the families who support them.  We should never forget caregivers, as they are a pivotal piece of any cancer journey.  Cancer changes a life in more ways than I can describe.  Everyday stresses become so daunting and add to the ever-growing stress that is placed on the family.  Things like house cleaning, cooking and childcare become a burden and distract families from what is really important.  I have learned that the most important thing when faced with a challenge like this is to live in the moment and do what really brings happiness into your life.  For me this was time with my wife and daughters, travel and self-exploration.  Our friends and family provided the finances to allow us acquire services to remove some of these daily stresses.  This allowed us to focus on what was really important; healing.

We have created the Ten Percent Promise (Ten Percent Promise) and this foundation’s mission is to help alleviate some of the daily stress that families with cancer experience.  Donating to big cancer charities is a noble thing and a cure is needed however, there are many patients who will never see a cure and have needs today.  We feel that there is a gap in our system that tends to ignore the simple needs of patients.  We have experienced them first hand and we are ready to try and make a difference.  Therefore 10% of all apparel purchases will go to this foundation and we will strive to make a difference in the lives of many!

So it is my pleasure to announce that the Ten Percent store is now open!  You can check us out at our new online store.  We would also like to offer a 10% discount for all first time purchases.  Please use the promo code: WELCOME when you are checking out.  Also, by joining our newsletter we will be able to keep you informed of any new products being released and will also be able to continue sharing our story and the many resources we have.  Please consider joining on our homepage.

This is just the beginning and there is so much more in store for Ten Percent.  We look forward to keeping in contact with you and sharing stories of hope, resiliency and inspiration.  This is our way of saying thank you and creating something that truly resonates with not only us but all of you.

With Love,

Mark, Lynne, Stella & Gwen

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