One hundred percent commitment to Ten Percent

Ten Percent was born out of the desire to survive, live, and thrive. Our family, the Newmans, have faced a series of challenges and adversity over the years, but it wasn’t until Mark was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in 2009 that we made the decision to take a step back and altered our path.

Mark was given a ten percent chance of living five years….

Mark has chosen to be part of the ten percent who live.

This blog will give you a raw glimpse into our healing journey. Everything from fears, challenges and lessons learned, we will share our story all in an effort to educate, inspire and ultimately heal. In turn our hope is that this will inspire others to make small changes in their lives.

We, Lynne and Mark, along with friends and special guest writers, will open our hearts and minds to explore life as dreamers, fighters, supporters, and social contributors.

Ten Percent Inspirational Apparel Company

Ten Percent apparel believes in the power of community. Our family has been given so much during our journey and now we want to pay it forward by giving back to others. Ten Percent will donate ten percent of all sales to the Ten Percent Promise.  These funds will provide all forms of support that can alleviate the debilitating stress in the lives of those who need it most.  From simple acts of kindness to meal delivery, home cleaning, travel assistance, and of course, help with the cost of treatments.  It will also allow us to achieve some of our own personal dreams.


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