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A Race Against Time: My Full Diagnosis

Arriving at my complete diagnosis felt like what your body and mind might feel like when running a first marathon With every mile, you look ahead, hoping to see the finish line. But the road curves and appears long in the distance, and your endurance is tested like never before, over and over again.

Testing the ‘mole’, removing larger margins of the skin around it was only a small part of what would be done before being fully diagnosed. It wasn’t long after the plastic surgeon had opened my back that I was told some of my lymph nodes would need to be removed and tested. This would determine if the melanoma had left the original site and whether it had moved into my lymphatic system. If it hadn’t, things should be ok.

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We Don’t Choose the Unexpected.  It Chooses Us.

Take a moment to take a deep breath. Remove distractions and be in this moment, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Now imagine you receive a phone call telling you that your child, husband, wife, or someone you love has cancer. An uncomfortable thought for anyone, yes. And perhaps an avoided one for those who haven’t encountered cancer themselves or through a loved one.

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