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Today is Launch Day!

Today is a HUGE day for us. It is the day we launch our apparel! It’s actually difficult to believe that we are finally here and are putting this exciting project out into the world. It’s also a little nerve racking to be honest! We have thought about this day for so long and it’s now here. Let’s do this!

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It’s a Celebration!

As men we’re not usually encouraged to celebrate the fact that something has shrunk, but I think this time it’s allowed!

Yesterday as I downloaded my radiology report alone in the backyard, my hands shook like crazy. I could hardly hang onto my phone and my heart began racing. This is something that I experience every time I am about to read one of these shitty reports. It’s intense and is usually followed by disappointing news. This time it was actually news I could celebrate. The tumor has shrunk 3cm since April! This is significant however celebrating wasn’t something I felt like doing.

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